Accelerator and venture capital fund investing in tech companies across the Baltics.

What’s the ambition? We will help grow your startup from an idea to a 1B EUR 🦄 worth company.

Why us? We value founders’ time, so we respond fast and give honest feedback. We do not only invest - we build partnerships. We do not only advise - we provide hands-on support. We are the people who give a 💥boost to your team.

What’s the evidence? Our team members have backed 100+ founders to date. Feel free to check our track record, and if in doubts - 📞 ask the founders for their feedback.

What’s the focus? We are proud generalists but if you need some keywords, they would be impact technologies and broad fintech.

What’s the deal? We help founders construct companies by offering a bulletproof combination of 💰 investment and 📚 knowledge through our pre-acceleration and acceleration programs. Our initial ticket is 50-200K EUR. We also provide equity-free grants for idea stage startups.


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